Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro+ Earbuds Review

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I’m reviewing these earbuds since, at the time of writing, both Amazon and the official Anker site are offering a 40% discount, making them £89.99 UK price.

This makes these an excellent choice for anyone looking for high-quality earbuds at a relatively affordable price.

Let’s dive in…

Unboxing and looks

The Liberty 2 Pros come in a fairly large box (pictured above), housing the earbuds, charging case, a generous selection of replacement tips at various sizes, and a charging cable.

The case is sleek and opens smoothly. The earbuds themselves are chunky and have a businesslike space grey design with gold accents.

Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro Looks (Source)

Personally, I think these earbuds look clunky, especially when compared to the Apple AirPods range or Anker’s own Soundcore Life. These aren’t earbuds you’d buy for the looks.

Fit and comfort

The Liberty 2 Pro+ earbuds twist into the ear with an “earwing” that presses against the ear and holds them securely in place. This, combined with the already good seal created by the tips make these the most secure-fitting earbuds I’ve ever worn. I tried them for a 5km run and didn’t have to adjust them once.

At 8g they weigh slightly more than the 5.4g Airpods Pro. They are comfortable, but not so comfortable you forget about them. I’d suggest they are ideal for sports use, walking, or on short journeys. However, I wouldn’t wear them for more than 1–2 hours.

Overall, I’d say they are a good compromise of comfort and secure fit.

Battery life and features

I’ve always found the battery life on Anker’s products to be very good and these earbuds are no exception. They give a solid 7 hours listening time, with an additional 19 hours in the case.

The case is compatible with Qi wireless charging pads, and 10 minutes of charging will provide an additional 2 hours of listening time.

In terms of features, each earbud has a button, which can be configured with a companion app. I have single-press for play/pause, hold left/right for volume up/down, and double-press left or right to skip tracks.

The companion app can be used to tailor the sound to your preferences, with a range of EQ settings and Soundcore’s HearID technology.

Sound quality

The best way I can describe the sound of these earbuds is big! The bass is full, the treble is sparkly, and the mids are clear and defined. Spatially they also deliver, with lots of detail and separation. Spoken voice recordings (Audible) are also articulate and listenable.

They are kind of the opposite of my DT 770 reference headphones, which are far more flat sounding and comparatively lacking in the top and bottom end. However, the DT 770 are not fatiguing at all and can comfortably be worn all day.

Call quality is serviceable both on receiving and transmission, but this isn’t where these earbuds shine. There is also no active noise cancellation, however, I found this not to be a problem for my use cases, as the isolation is good enough to cut extraneous noise when in use.

The Pro+ model supports the LDAC codec not supported by the regular Pros, however, this will only be of benefit on devices that support this (iPhone currently doesn’t).

If I have any criticism of the sound, I’d say the full-on immense level of detail could become tiring for extended listening periods. The default EQ setting is also very “scooped”, but this is easily rectified by switching to a flat EQ curve.


The earbuds connected easily to both my iPhone and my MacBook, however switching between the two is something of a pain. A switch requires a Bluetooth disconnect on one device followed by a Bluetooth connection and device selection on the other. Doing this regularly would be quite frustrating.


These earbuds won’t be for everyone. They look clunky, and whilst providing an excellent acoustic seal their fit is not super-comfortable. However, the sound quality is superb, and even without ANC they give a well-isolated listening experience.

They also have a very secure fit and stay in place even with vigorous exercise. In this aspect, they are the best earbuds I’ve used.

Overall these are perfect earbuds for someone looking for excellent sound quality and a solid fit for relatively short listening periods such as during exercise or commuting. At current prices, for this use case, they are unbeatable.

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